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Myo Armband: A Bold Step Into the Future of Motion Detection

The future has a peculiar way of creeping up on the present. Things that seem futuristic make it to the market, and people see an imaginative gadget from a science fiction movie become a reality. The Myo Gesture Control Armband is a gadget that used to only exist in some science fiction stories.

How Myo Gesture Control Armband Took the Gadget World By Storm

Most technology specialist and enthusiast understood that motion detection--for a few years--has relied on cameras. Cameras are used by several technologies like video games. But the problem with relying on cameras is with the cameras themselves. Motion detection relies on reading a person's movements, perfectly. The problem is cameras need the right conditions to read motion accurately.

Some of the conditions are good lighting, no foreign objects, or even standing at the right distance from the camera. All of these conditions may not always be met, which will hinder the camera's ability to read motion correctly.

But this was the way things were, and everyone had to accept that--until the Myo Gesture Control Armband revolutionized motion detection with its inception back in 2013. What Myo promised was motion capture by reading your own electrical signals that promised a new level of accuracy.

What Can the Myo Gesture Control Armband Do for You?

The Myo armband uses technology called electromyography that essentially maps the electrical impulses made in your forearm when making specific hand gestures. Myo reads electrical signals by wrapping 8 blocks around the arm. These blocks contain a medical-grade EMG sensor. The device also uses a three-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer that help detect gestures in all directions.

The device translates the information rather quickly using the onboard ARM Cortex M4 Processor. This processor is extremely fast, making the armband one of the most effective motion detection devices available on the market.

The armband could help you do all kinds of activities that you might not have thought about. The following are just some applications in which the armband can be easily used:

  • You can control computer control lighting from anywhere at an event.
  • A DJ can use the device to control the pitch, tone, tempo, and volume.
  • Medical professionals can use the armband to control information in real time while operating or working with a patient. 
  • Robotics can be easily controlled with the armband.
  • The electromyographic technology reads muscle electric activity, which amputees can use to control their bionic prostheses.

Of course, the aforementioned covers only a few ways this armband might be helpful. One should also note that there is a growing number of apps being designed around the Myo Gesture Control Armband as well. There is no telling what lies over the horizon for this new step into the future. Besides, you will definitely look cool using the Myo, which comes in different colors like black. 

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